The long road to Delft

We had good intentions of getting to Dover in plenty of time to reorganise the car and caravan, which had been haphazardly stuffed full of nappies and snacks over the preceding days. Then Simon went to get the caravan out of storage and the brake lights didn’t work. It took 3 hours to find someone to fix them, by which time we were hitting school rush hour leaving Bristol and proper rush hour on the M25. With a baby who apparently hates the car (you’d better get used to it chap…) and a toddler who had spent the last week with no idea what was going on as her life was packed up around her. There was a lot of crying.

We finally got to Dover in the dark, battled the over tired kids to bed and tried to sleep ourselves for the long journey ahead.

Luckily we’d booked a morning ferry as the rush the day before would have broken us I think. Instead we were marginally refreshed and ready for the boat crossing and 4 hour drive on the other side.

We hit traffic only 20 miles outside of Calais and didn’t move for an hour. Then roadworks, then rushour in Antwerp. We finally made it to the campsite in Delft 6 1/2 hrs after we got off the ferry.

They gave us our pitch number and off we went, to discover our pitch was directly in front of someone else who would be cornered in. We’re here for 9 days. Simon luckily went off to check and it turned out the people behind us us were going in 2 days. This pitch wasn’t for us. Except when we tried to leave it, we got ourselves cornered by an ill positioned tree.

Some helpful neighbours and a bit of manhandling later and we finally escaped to a much better pitch. Except by the time we got set up on this one, it was 13 hours since we’d left the previous campsite. We were knackered, the kids were fraught. We finally got them to bed at 11pm.

But we’re here for 9 days now and looking forward to all that the Netherlands has to offer. First stop, the biggest cheese market in the world.

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