So our adventure begins (again)

Somewhere around the end of our last road trip (which we never finished the write up of, sorry), we said we wouldn’t do it with two kids because that would be madness.

Meet Stanley aka the Angry Potato. He was born in February and is 3 1/2 months old. Which means Laura’s on maternity leave again, which means we’re entitled to shared leave again. So guess what…?

If travelling with a young baby was a challenge, imagine travelling with a baby and a forthright 2.5 year old. Ha. We’re actually mad.

But, we have a new, bigger, caravan and a new, bigger car to fill full of kiddy tat. And 4 months to explore Europe before we crash out of the union. Who’s with us?

This time we’re heading to the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and France. We’re going to cheese markets, castles, canals, lakes, vineyards and villages. And we’re going to watch an awful lot of CBeebies on iPlayer in the back of the car.

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