What’s the story, awning glory

Given it’s chucked it down since the day after we arrived, we were lucky to have dry weather to set up camp. The only time we’ve tried to put up the awning before, we gave up after 2 hours of frustration and arguments.

Turns out we have an odd shaped caravan and probably the wrong sized awning. Not our fault, it came with the caravan. The poles seem too long though, which means the walls don’t want to meet the side of the caravan. We ended up bodging it, shortening the poles on the two ends, which gives us enough wall to meet the caravan. Except now there’s too much, and it catches like a sail in the wind.

We’re rapidly making note of the essentials of awning erection:

  • Make sure your awning is down hill from your caravan or it’ll never fit.
  • Check that the prevailing wind isn’t going to be blowing at your baggy walls.
  • Lesson three that we learnt when the rain started, try not to be on a pitch at the bottom of a hill. The floor is starting to get a bit puddly. 

Turns out pitching a caravan and awning is a fine art, and we’re still at the colour by numbers stage. Hopefully we’ll have nailed it by the time we have guests sleeping in it! 

But at least we’ve now worked out what all the bits do, what goes where and in what order, so we should hopefully have a slicker operation next time.

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