The Grand Plan

12 weeks. 84 days. Well, probably 82ish since we’re starting midweek. 
12 glorious weeks to spend together as a family in the European sunshine. Best make the most of it whilst we’re still allowed in eh? 

We have a 25 year old caravan, a boot full of baby paraphernalia and a road atlas, what more do we need? If you even remotely know us, you’ll know we also need a spreadsheet. Dates, locations, sights, events, mileage, packing lists. We love a plan.

There are a few things in the plan that can’t move. A couple of family visits en route, ferries to Corsica and Sardinia, and of course the Tour de France that the whole trip has had to be fitted around. Which is annoying as it’s going in the opposite direction from us so we won’t get to see that much of it. 

The rest is a list of places we’d like to visit, with a rough idea of when and how long we’d like to be there.

So, the plan:

Bilbao – a campsite on the coast so we can have a “holiday” before the trip starts properly, and to see the city 

Picos de Europa mountains/ Asturian coast

Santiago de Compostela

Vigo and Las Ilas Cies

Porto – for the festival of Sao Jao and to meet Grandma Geary

Salamanca – to break up the massive journey to…

The Rioja region

San Sebastián

Somewhere in the Languedoc – we have about 10 days to get from San Sebastian to the Alps. Meeting Grandad Geary somewhere along the way

The Alps – 3 official stages of the TdF, preceded by Simon cycling one of them as part of the Etap du Tour





Somewhere in NE France as our final week, meeting up with Matt and whoever else he can rope in.

And then home. Back to the 9 to 5 for Simon, and a final few weeks of eating cake and hanging out in parks for Laura before she’s also back to work. But that’s 12 weeks away yet…

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